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Please Take A Few Minutes To Read Our Legal Policy Statements!

Legal Policy

Our Claims
We swear under penalty of perjury, we do not provide any illegal software, warez,
torrents, pornographic content, copyrighted works including software logos and images.
If you noticed member abusing this rule, imediately report this to our site Admins.

Site Content
We provide freeware resources and software like source codes, pictures, programs like memory
editors, and other content, created by our members or other third parties.
All offered resources are provided "As Is" without warranty of any kind, all of them are free and aviable under
gnu public license condidions, excluding other cases when member posted resource(s)
under other license conditions.

Buy Vip To Help Our Website
You can use Buy Vip system to support our website,your money will be used to pay for hosting fees.
You will recive special "Vip" rank at our forum,this include following privigiles:
1.You Account Name Will Be Red.
2.Access to custom resources.
3.Extended help in programming provided by our staff.
Payment gateway is operated by Paypal, and this is the only way we accept donations.

Legal Agreement
You agree not to prosecute or take legal action against and its staff and members,
based on provided tools or resources or any damages occured due to use of them.
We provide them in good belief and we cannot be held responsible for improper use whitch may lead
to system damages or local law infrigiment.

Common Terms and Their Meanings
Commonly used terms 'Hack', 'Hook', 'd3d Hook', 'Game Cheat', 'Game Hack', 'Client Hook',
refers to exclusive memory manipulation software created and provided to forum members by forum staff or members,
to modify uncopyrighted client side memory of game clients and excludes client binary code nodifications or server modifications so
then its not infriging any exclusive copyrights held by third parties.
we can promise game modifications tools provided by our forum staff is safe to use and will not cause any damages to your system.

Recover of Damages
You cannot recover from us any damages including consequential, lost profits, special, indirect and
any incidental or punitive damages caused by provided resources.

You Swear
You swear, under penalty of perjury, that your are not employed or hired by
'AhnLab Inc.','K2Network Inc.','Nexon Inc.' nor any goverment organization,
and not legally represent them in any shape or form.
If you do, Then you agree not to enter website and read/use
any of offered there programs, source codes, tutorials nor any other content.

 I Agree Legal Policy Statements.